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buy Warmane Gold Many of them recommend friends to buy from us. You may know the OwnedCore forum if you are a wow fun which is a popular game forum. Certainly there are still other traits. You can try to place a minimum order on R4PG and then you will totally feel the convenience of R4PG Warmane service.. Prime examples are clearing SSC/TK for BT attunement and DST off Gruul. There also multiple items from SSC/TK that are pretty valuable such as the trinkets off Lurker/Solarian.

When you level to max level on a 1x server you fucking COMMITTED. There less chance of everyone jumping ship after 2 weeks or a month if you put in the hard work to get to 70. Leveling at 5x on Warmane Outland has been perfect for me. Not a long and dragged out quest grind and I still get to meet tons of people along the way when questing/dungeons (not too fast not too slow). As for this guide it's too hastily and amatuerishly written cheap Warmane Gold but it does at least have some helpful pointers that could help a beginner. But giving advice like not taking the hit cap is a bit dumb of course crit will do more damage if you're lucky enough to not have misses but if you take an average over a long period of time the hit rating will post superior numbers that's why we run 10,000 100,000 iterations in simulation craft in retail WoW to iron out RNG inconsistencies..

But there is nothing discuss here since we clearly disagree with eachother. In my opinion your definition of P2W is extremely wrong and I would dare say that the overwhelming majority would agree that buying powerful gear is P2W even if they are available without paying. Concerning hit 1% hit means 1% dps so unless you have complete potato dps in term of pawn value should place it above anything on a 1 for 1 scale basis (bar strength at low gear level). Crit is good but I assume the test were conducted on a mannequin without raid buff which removes about 10% (5 kitty 3 paladin 2 from agility) from your gear and therefore crit gets overvalued when weighted this way..

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99.99% of players don play enough to get to max level with the rest of the "hardcore" WoW players. You be at max level weeks or a month after them on a 1x server and more than likely quit before you even get there. But don flood the new queue; submit one or two times and see what happens.To play it safe write to the moderators of the community you like to submit to. They probably appreciate the advance notice.

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